Journal Writing for Children Who Stutter

Re: Journal Writing for Children with Low Performance Levels

From: Jackie
Date: 10/16/00
Time: 7:50:18 PM
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I tried our journal with a sixth grader who was in a self-conatined resource room. It was easy enough to go through the steps of the level 1 section, but I never succeeded in getting him to fully understand the concept of using the information in any context. He was more concerned with the fact that no one would wait for him to finish a thought. We never got past that. I also work with a high functioning down syndrome child who has a mild stutter. Although she writes and reads on about a second grade level, the language of the journal is too abstract for her. I would not attempt this with her. As Judy said, I'm confident that it can be done, with the appropriate modifications. I just haven't figured them out yet! Jackie

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