School-Based Strategies for Working with Children Who Stutter: A Positive Team Approach


The ISAD2000 online conference has concluded. The papers as well as the discussion they generated will remain online and available but the authors will no longer be answering questions/comments.

Thank you for your interest.

Judy Kuster

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It's wonderful! Rachel Fortin 10/4/00
Re: It's wonderful! Crystal Cooper 10/4/00
Helping school clinicians become more confident Sheree Reese 10/9/00
Re: Helping school clinicians become moreconfident Crystal Cooper 10/10/00
Involvement Natalie Busbee 10/10/00
Re: Involvement Crysta Cooper 10/12/00
FIGs Judy Kuster 10/10/00
Re: FIGs Crystal Cooper 10/12/00
Permission to publish Mike 10/11/00
Re: Permission to publish Crystal Cooper 10/12/00
Great Article Tam Knapton 10/11/00
Re: Great Article Crystal Cooper 10/12/00
Information on FIGS Holly C. Paschke, SLP 10/13/00
Re: Information on FIGS Crystal Cooper 10/13/00
FIGS Theresa Dobransky 10/14/00
Re: FIGS Crystal Cooper 10/14/00
classroom visits Jess Harris and Maggie Clarke 10/16/00
Re: classroom visits Crystal Cooper 10/16/00
Qualification for services in school Rachel University of Wisconsin Eau Claire 10/16/00
Re: Qualification for services in school Crystal Cooper 10/16/00
School-based strategies Carol Corradini 10/16/00
Re: School-based strategies Crystal Cooper 10/17/00
Classroom situations Laura Littauer 10/17/00
Re: Classroom situations Crystal Cooper 10/17/00
fluency carry-over Tangie Harris 10/17/00
Re: fluency carry-over Crystal Cooper 10/17/00
Positive Outlook Angie Pahl 10/17/00
Re: Positive Outlook Crystal Cooper 10/18/00
Grest ideas! Sarah Brackett 10/18/00
Re: Grest ideas! Crystal Cooper 10/18/00
Wow! Karen Fatka 10/18/00
Re: Wow! Crystal Cooper 10/19/00
Working with SLP in school setting? Victoria Rhodes 10/20/00
Re: Working with SLP in school setting? Crystal Cooper 10/22/00
Realistic Intervention!! April Rushing 10/21/00
Re: Realistic Intervention!! Crystal Cooper 10/22/00

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