School-Based Strategies for Working with Children Who Stutter: A Positive Team Approach

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It's wonderful!

From: Rachel Fortin
Date: 10/4/00
Time: 10:50:33 AM
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I am a french-canadian. I will try to write in english the best I can!! :-)

I am very happy to see that you can do speech therapy in school with children who stutter. What a wonderful way to transfer fluidity techniques and sensitise other children about stuttering. I work in a school in Québec and children who stutter can't have speech therapy in schools. A speech-language pathologist often have one day each week or each two weeks in a school for all the children. Children with language difficulties are a priority, instead of children with fluency, articulation or voice disorders. I hope one day I could see all the children who needs speech therapy in a school, especially children who stutter. You and the children of your school are very lucky!

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