School-Based Strategies for Working with Children Who Stutter: A Positive Team Approach

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Re: Qualification for services in school

From: Crystal Cooper
Date: 10/16/00
Time: 4:22:11 PM
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To answer your questions: 1. Each state department of education has published guidelines for eligibility for speech services. In addition, local education agencies may have additional requirements. All eligibilty is determined under the broad scope of IDEA. "Educationally relevant" is broader in meaning than grades. Academic performance includes oral communication skills (ex. book reports). 2. I frequently dealt with classmates teasing a student who stuttered...Talked with classroom teachers as well as other faculty such as physical education teachers(sometimes they weren't aware others were teasing the student). We worked out strategies based on the individual child's needs and the specific situation/children involved. I found it very hepfu to include the school guidance counselor, who would go the classes and give a lesson on understanding differences. Most effective was fostering a positive environment throughout the school regarding stuttering (and other speech problems) and the speech program in general. "Bring a Friend to Speech" was a very effective tool.

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