School-Based Strategies for Working with Children Who Stutter: A Positive Team Approach

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Re: Classroom situations

From: Crystal Cooper
Date: 10/17/00
Time: 9:10:04 PM
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The one thing that usually makes things worse, is is if the teacher punishes the student doing the teasing. That usually backfires and makes the other children angry at the chid who stutters.A most helpful approach is to have a class discussion about being kind to people and respecting differences. The DUSO kit by AGS is really a good program...the guidance counselors use it effectively. FOr both middle and elementary school, I found that presenting speech therapy as a positive experience (one that puts forth the perception that to go to speech is an honor, not anything to be ashamed of)is helpful. Teacher attitudes make a difference...students take their cues from teachers. I work with teachers to try to find solutions to any problems such as teasing. Asking the student who is teasing the chid who stutters to attend a speech therapy session is REALLY effective!

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