Parents as Partners in Young Children's Stuttering Treatment

Re: direct therapy for children who stutter

From: Anne Bothe
Date: 10/2/00
Time: 5:51:35 PM
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Interesting question! We did not measure "awareness" in any way, but thinking back I would say that yes, all of them were aware to some extent, in some way, that speech was difficult. Several of the older ones were explicitly aware that they had something called "stuttering," and they could talk about it with us; even the younger ones either talked about how things were "too hard to say" or at least showed us that something was difficult for them: giving up instead of finishing a story, visible struggle, that sort of thing. I'm assuming that part of what you're asking is whether indirect methods would have been effective with these kids if they were not yet "aware" of their stuttering -- sorry that I don't have any way to answer that for these kids. It might depend on how we choose to define "awareness". Thanks for asking!

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