Parents as Partners in Young Children's Stuttering Treatment

Re: Concomitant problems

From: Anne Bothe
Date: 10/3/00
Time: 4:57:06 PM
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Thanks for asking this question! I wanted to write about this kiddo in my paper, but I just didn't have the space. We designed our study to be about stuttering treatment, so that is all that we were doing with him. I had the most wonderful opportunity to collaborate with another SLP on this one, though – This child had originally been seen through the public schools' preschool programs, and then later the family came here to the university. So his schools SLP did phonology work with him, and we did (or, really, his mother did) the stuttering work with him. I will always wonder if the reason he responded relatively slowly in the stuttering treatment is because he was being asked to work on fluency and phonology at the same time (in separate settings, with different people, but nevertheless during the same weeks/months of his life) – but he was so close to being unintelligible that we just could not justify the decision to put off either part of his treatment. One of the happiest things I ever heard was when he did not qualify for summer speech therapy services in either phonology or fluency!

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