Parents as Partners in Young Children's Stuttering Treatment

Who decides on the treatment option?

From: Judy Butler
Date: 10/9/00
Time: 6:44:38 AM
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Dear Anne,

Thank you for offering yet another variation on a treatment option to those of us SLPs "on the street" so to speak, trying to offer help to families day in and day out. The variability of stuttering from child to child, from situation to situation, from week to week can be challanging indeed and we need options. My question is this: Given the importance of differential diagnosis, and the many unique qualities of families, do you present parents with the treatment options that are out there under discussion and let them choose what might be best to begin with their child? Or, would you recommend just presenting parents with this behavioral approach, see how it goes, and then make any needed changes?

Thanks, Judy Butler

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