Parents as Partners in Young Children's Stuttering Treatment

Re: Parents as Partners

From: Anne Bothe
Date: 10/21/00
Time: 11:11:54 AM
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Thanks for your comments. I find it very interseting, also, how many SLPs are still taught only about indirect methods for dealing with children's stuttering -- or about indirect methods and the general class of "prolonged speech" or "easy speech" type approaches, but not about the simplest (and very effective) praise/correct or ELU/GILCU approaches. And I also know that it is so hard to try something that is basically in DIRECT conflict with everything you were taught! I'm glad that you've seen direct approaches work.

Oh, and it being a relief when somebody finally agrees with you that there is something wrong and agrees to deal with it openly with you to make it get better or go away -- definitely. True in my experience whether you are a 4 year old who stutters or an adult with pretty much any other problem.

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