Parents as Partners in Young Children's Stuttering Treatment

Re: Parents as Partners

From: Anne Bothe
Date: 10/23/00
Time: 2:28:34 PM
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Most of the parents that I've worked with have picked this up in between 10 and 30 minutes -- and then needed really only one or two other sessions (the next week and the week after, for example) to have all their questions answered and to become very comfortable and relatively accurate with the procedures. I can think of two mothers off the top of my head who needed much more training -- one who was overly strict and seemed to be stopping the child for ANY speech error, including misarticulations and everything, not just stutters, and one who had some other problems. The question of how to do recruit parents as co-therapists if you work in the schools and don't often see the parents is one that's come up before -- I've had school therapists suggest to me, in brainstorming sessions, that they could have evening meetings with several parents, send home tapes of their treatment sessions so parents can see or at least listen, write out instructions, make the child the responsible go-between, and so on -- but it's definitely a puzzle to be solved if you don't have the pleasure of seeing your clients' parents routinely. Good luck with whatever variations you come up with!

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