Stuggling And Juttering

Further to Struggling with Stuttering

From: Manish K. Rami
Date: 10/5/00
Time: 12:08:37 PM
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Bringing about a new cognitive awareness in daily living activities or issues one grapples with daily via awareness acquired from another activity is not a new concept. A plethora of publications from the East and now the West have shown this. Consider, Archery, Painting, Martial arts, Kayaking, and so on. Application of this to Stuttering therapy is new in this growing list.

However, further, and more importantly, may be you should consider exploring the evidence on how much does this (and similarly) increased awareness translates into "fluent speech" for people who stutter in their day-to-day living. Or does this new awareness only allow people who stutter to better handle themselves after a "fall" and has no direct bearing on the amount of fluency acquired!

Thank you for the new perspective, very interesting.

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