Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Stuttering Therapy with Eric, teenage boy

From: Martha
Date: 10/3/01
Time: 10:56:55 AM
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I found your article most useful. My 10-year-old boy has been in private stuttering therapy for 2 years with stuttering ranging from quite severe to mild. Most effective has been focus on breath which has seemingly led to sustained improvement over the last 6 months to consistently mild level. My question is: since he has chosen not to see a therapist at school, for the same reasons Eric gives (no need/interest to be categorized as special needs, as he is also an excellent student and class leader) the result is that he does not talk about stuttering at school, at all. There is definitely a covert element to this, but I as his parent have always considered this to be his choice. Only he can determine whether he wishes to talk about stuttering with his peers. Do you think he should be encouraged to talk about it ? Is there some harm done in maintaining this "covert" status ? Thank you.

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