Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Between the e-mails

From: Judy Butler
Date: 10/3/01
Time: 1:12:32 PM
Remote Name:


Eric, Congratulations on your sense of empowerment. This interests me more than your speech. May I ask what was happening with you in between your e-mails with Dr. J? Did you print his e-mails and keep them in a folder somewhere for reference? Did you carry them around with you? Did you discuss them with other adults? Were there times that you wanted to write to him and did not, and why not? Were there times you wished he wrote to you with words of encouragement even though you may not have written to him? Did you write to him only in moments of crisis? Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for other teens. And by the way, how old are you?

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