Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Re: Stuttering Therapy with Eric, teenage boy

From: Eric, teenage boy
Date: 10/4/01
Time: 2:48:54 PM
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Hi, Martha: You pose a most excellent question that is not uncommon about parents of stuttering children. No, I would not encourage your child to mention stuttering at school, for I feel that it reinforces the problem more than most people suspect. Saying "I am a stutterer" to someone generates a feeling of helplessness that is not positive towards beating what Dr. Gerald Johnson likes to call "The Stuttering Beast". Stuttering is difficult enough of a problem anyway: I say why reinforce it? However, if your child feels the need to tell others about it because he feels uncomfortable with them not knowing about his problem, that it another issue. Either way, it should be his choice.

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