Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Re: Between the e-mails

From: Eric, Teenage Boy
Date: 10/4/01
Time: 2:55:43 PM
Remote Name:


Hi, Ms. Butler: I am fourteen years old. Generally, I would write to Dr. Johnson when I needed encouragement, or "booster shots", as he would call them. After any e-mail from him was received, I would print it out along with the initial message from me, staple the two together, and keep it in a special folder. No, there were no times when I felt like I wanted to write him but didn't; that is the beautiful thing about email therapy--you don't feel as intimidated by the person you are talking to because, in reality, you're only sending them a letter. I guess it's kind of like how writing a letter of apology to someone is easier than apologizing face to face.

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