Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Re: Stuttering Therapy with Eric, teenage boy

From: jerry johnson
Date: 10/7/01
Time: 7:34:01 AM
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Hi Martha: I apologize for not responding more to your question, but I have been away for a week. However, Eric has expressed the wisdom for you. I might add a few extra thoughts. 1. Do not expect adult sophistication nor wisdom from your 10 year old. What might be important for us to do might not be important for them. 2. Kids don't stutter all the time and he probably has much fluency and "normal" speech and much focus should be placed on this reality. 3. He might be in his own comfort zone about talking and confronting his stuttering. 4. He probably realizes that there is nothing "wrong" with his mouth since he can speak fluently much of the time so why make a big issue out of it? 5. Talking about personal problems is difficult for anybody and stuttering is very "public" anyway so he might feel that people already know about it. And will talking about it make it go away? 6. Is not talking about stuttering denial or tolerance of this imperfection? 7. It appears that you have done an excellent job of parenting with your son and he has benefited much from that. You state that he is an excellent student and class leader which leads me to believe that he is already "out in the public" with himself. You have done well to build his assets and minimize his liabilities. He has identified his self worth already so: Stay the course. We send our best to you and your son!

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