Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Re: How to find mentors like Jerry!

From: jerry
Date: 10/16/01
Time: 10:06:30 PM
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Judy you post a very important question and I have given this much thought. I wrote about a two page response to your question, but I set it aside, still pondering the question. Here is my off the cuff response: First, two parties have to want to do it and to stay with it to some type of concluson. The SLP must not bully the teen into staying with the email because sometimes it takes time for things to cook. The teen must take some leadership in the email process and the SLP must be willing, and competent, to take a wide ranging look into the human process in fighting the Stuttering Beast. The teen must be careful not to shop around for the "cure" and be willing to stay with his/her chosen SLP. The SLP must be willing to give the teen the option of email, direct contact, or a combination of both. If this is long distance then the SLP must be willing to, at times, go out on a limb with suggestions, comments, support, etc. I could go on, but I think you get my drift. Could there be a clearing house for SLP's and teens? Maybe the teens could have a website where they could state their case and an SLP could respond. How many SLP's would be willing to do this? And for FREE? Why not try FREE! It is most liberating. Could your website act in this regard? Other self-help groups? The Stuttering Foundation of America? Friends, The Assoc. of Young People Who Stutter? But, the most important element in this equation is TIME. Will many SLP's answer the call?????

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