Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Re: Qualification for therapy services

From: jerry johnson
Date: 10/21/01
Time: 6:31:00 PM
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Crystal: You get an A in the course for asking a very important question. A simple answer is: kids who stutter should become a "protected disability." An "educational handicap" doesn't hack it with me. It is a weasel way of limiting the SLP's caseload and a cheap-out way that schools love to use. Just because the kid does well academically doesn't mean that s/he is a "whole" person. Maybe the kid can write a first-person report on his/her feelings about stuttering. This might be enlightening and be a qualification for intake on the SLP caseload. If all is lost, please use email to help the kid. Email can be very powerful and most kids are computer literate now. Do it on your own if you have to. Take it upon yourself to do whatever is necessary to help the kid who stutters. This is so evident in this conference. The pain and torture last a life time. You can make a difference. Please!

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