Directed Self-Help Stuttering Therapy With A Motivated Teenage Boy

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Re: Questions/comments on article

From: Eric, Teenage Boy
Date: 10/22/01
Time: 6:27:59 PM
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Hi, Leanne: One truth must be acknowledged: Like snowflakes, no stuttering case is alike and thus there is no one treatment that will work for all. There are cases where stuttering is physical and cases where it is mental. There are cases where stuttering is brought on by feelings of inferiority and cases where brain tumors are the root of the problem. In pursuing Rx Therapy with Dr. Johnson, I was not looking for any intense speech therapy, but merely a friend who could give me advice through the tough times. I have beaten the Stuttering Beast and there is not a fragment of doubt in my mind that I could go out tomorrow and make a speech in front of a hundred people. Rx therapy helped me get through those really tough times, and if all you are looking for is that, then this kind of therapy will work. I have a tendency to pick things up quickly, so from my preliminary meeting with Dr. Johnson, I was able to remember things he had talked to me about and was able to immediatly make the connection when these were reinstated in the e-mails. Dr. Johnson has offered to give all those who posted comments the packet of e-mails free, and I encourage you to take advantage of this offer. Only by reading the complete set of transactions will you really be able to figure out how beautifully this worked in my case.

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