Helping Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying

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Wonderful Paper

From: Steve Hood
Date: 10/2/01
Time: 8:03:07 PM
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Hello, Marilyn... Fantastic Paper!!! I always feel better prepared to help children who have ben teased or bullied after reading papers like yours, and related work by people like Bill Murphy, Chris Chmela and nine Reardon, etc. In my own experience, I have worked more with kids who are "teased" rather than severely "bullied" but the bottom line is that the child who is on the butt end of either, can feel pretty miserable. Your suggestions and strategies will be helpful for all of us, and I appreciate the time and effort you took to spell out these numerous alternatives. Especially important, I think, is the importance of the interaction between the "bully" and the "bullied." Even if the teasing/bullying seems only mild, it can be perceived as much more severe by the person receiving it, and this is especially the case if the person receiving it is overly sensitive, easily frustrated, or doesn't have the verbal facility to "fight back" in appropriate ways. Aside from physical fighting, one of the ways kids "fight back" is verbally, and it is the verbal facilty to stand your ground that may be lacking in kids who stutter... Thanks for suggesting so many alternative ways to help kids cope and stick up for themseves in ways that are socially appropriate, and apparently successful.

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