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Re: The best paper on the *external* locus of control of teasing ...

From: Marilyn
Date: 10/9/01
Time: 8:05:55 PM
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Gunars. Thank you for your laudatory comments. Regarding working on the internal locus of control – yes it is absolutely fundamental that we help a child work through their emotions, help them understand and use effective self –talk and help them acquire or re-acquire an internal locus of control. The words I used in the paper say it in a different way ..that we help children “acquire resiliency to prevent internalizing teasing, taunting and other types of bullying; and help them maintain their power or re-gain it when it has been lost…” We are always working to help the children work toward an internal locus of control. We do it in different ways depending on the child and their needs. All of the topics that you discuss – fear, anxiety, shame etc. are dealt with as they come up. Regarding techniques used in this domain: some are webs, written exercises, story telling, discussion etc. One exercise in the teasing and bullying program that is helpful if called “Self Esteem and Positives” which deals with self-esteem in regard to having satisfaction with one’s relationships, developing one’s relationship with oneself, self talk, and developing relationships with others.

With regard to our work with children, yes we do offer intensive programs for children from 6 – 11 and 12 – 14 and yes we do long distance follow-up therapy.

Thank you again for your comments Gunars. I hope the above has answered your questions. Sincerely, Marilyn

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