Helping Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying

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Dealing with being bullied

From: Ellen-Marie Silverman
Date: 10/11/01
Time: 9:57:19 AM
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Thank you for providing a helpful resource for a task many children need to take on, i.e., dealing with being bullied. Children who stutter are no less and possibly no more challenged by this task than children who do not stutter, but appear different in some way.

I dealt with the challenge in I book I authored, Jason's Secret, which was published in January of this year. Jason, a 10-year-old, who experiences considerable anxiety, alienation, and isolation largely due to his stuttering learns to cope with the bullying of a classmate. This is one of the many hurdles he faces as he begins to deal with his stuttering problem in a way helpful to him.

Again, thank you for this contribution of our knowledge base.

Ellen-Marie Silverman

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