Helping Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying

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Helping Children Deal with Teasing and Stuttering

From: Larisa Harrison, First Year Grad ECU- SLP
Date: 10/21/01
Time: 3:11:27 PM
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As a former sixth grade teacher of five years, I know that self esteem is crucial- not only in sixth grade, but at all ages. No matter the age, an insecure person may elicit a false heightening of his or her own self esteem by putting someone else down. Because the children are with the teacher more waking hours than the parents, it falls on the teacher's shoulders to help encourage the development of self esteem, while making it clear that belittling of others will not be tolerated. My first inclination is to educate others in the classroom about the stuttering pathology. But, do we as teachers educate the class about divorce? Being poor? Does that "education" backfire and only serve to single out the individual, when the intent was to seek understanding and inclusion? There is a fine line.

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