Helping Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying

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Re: Helping Children Deal with Teasing and Stuttering

From: Marilyn
Date: 10/22/01
Time: 10:04:06 PM
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Excellent, excellent point! I do hope that any education for any pathology or any difference is done sensitively, with the person delivering the "education" knowing best how to present to the class so that "fine line" is not crossed into "singling out" or making the situation worse for the child with the targetted difference. When I began this work, I had hoped to collaborate with others who wanted to do public education about other differences. I had envisioned having modules from which teachers and others could select. This did not come to be and it is my hope that differences and similarities are discussed in classes and celebrated. I am so glad that you raised this point and I can only trust that each teacher, speech language pathologist, or whoever will, to the best of their ability, design education to meet the needs of the classroom. I also hope that adults will guide children when they are doing the "educating" to do it in a way that empowers them. And lastly, I would encourage anyone who does such "educating" to gather data to determine if the desired difference - inclusion or improved attitudes or improved acceptance - is being achieved through such education efforts.

Again, thank you for raising a very important point and I wish you well in your work. You are bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our field. Sincerely, Marilyn

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