Working With Kids who Stutter in After-School and Summer Camp Groups


Re: After -School and  Summer Camp

From: Julie Sable
Date: 10/20/00
Time: 2:14:11 PM
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Thanks for your interest. In addition to our fees, the Stuttering Foundation of America, Malcolm Fraser Foundation, has been very helpful in providing funds which help us build in the little "extras", such as consultants, field trips, and materials. Many things can be done with little cost.I would suggest developing a program with what you have, establishing some history, and then asking for expansion money. For instance, after 6 months you can say,"We served 10 children and their families, this is what we did, here is the outcome, and we would like to improve the program as follows: This way you have a framework started upon which to build. I think you have a greater feel for your exact needs once you get something started. If you look for local support, it is nice to have a local family as an example of someone who has benefitted from the service.

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