Working With Kids who Stutter in After-School and Summer Camp Groups


Re: Summer Camp Program

From: Julie Sable
Date: 10/30/00
Time: 11:29:20 AM
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The Stuttering Foundation of America has great literature, books, and video materials dealing with stuttering. Log on at As far as specific training for organizing group activities, I haven't had any formal training. First I would do some reading on facilitating groups in general, such as how to create a safe environment and how to build "teams". Another big thing is just figuring out what kids enjoy and making them comfortable. You can introduce speech concepts into almost any game or activity. Kids respond when they see that you have taken their needs into consideration and have made a real attempt to accomodate. They feel "heard" and respected. You could also observe kids working together in different settings, such as scouting, school committees, sports teams. Watch other adults facilitate activities with children. And just observe children at play or socially. You find the balance between working your agenda into an activity while letting the children have some control in the situation. And everyone wins! Hope this helps and good luck, your camp sounds terrific!

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