Using the Internet with Children Who Stutter


From: Bobby Childers (
Date: 10/1/00
Time: 2:15:59 PM
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Dr. Lynne: I am not a child or a teen by any means (my children are in college), but I am in speech therapy with Dr. Leeper as my student clinician faculty supervisor. Even though I am rather Internet savy, I never knew about all of the websites on stuttering or the listservs until Dr. Leeper told me.

I sincerely enjoyed your article and from my perspective as a PWS, I wish this would have been available when I was a child.

With the availability of the Internet in public schools now, maybe the current SLP's and the SLP students will encourage this use to assist their young (and not so young) clients.

I have learned more about my stuttering in the last few months of being on Stutt-L and Stutt-X than in my entire life of 43 years. I have spent many hours on Judy's website going through everything including the "kids/teens" pages and can relate to all of it.

Keep encouraging your young clients and their parents to use the Internet as knowledge is power, and we PWS need all the power we can get to deal with the bullies and teasers of the world.

Thank you again for the article, I really enjoyed it.

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