Using the Internet with Children Who Stutter

Using the Internet

From: Janet Hartman
Date: 10/21/00
Time: 9:04:59 PM
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I found your article very useful. Although I was aware of the "Just For Kids" page, I had never had the opportunity to use it in therapy (due to not having a computer/internet access in the speech room) until this year. Wow! The client (12 year old, female) I work with loves it. She is given time each week to visit the site and is now using it at home. I hope to include more of the suggestions you have given in the weeks ahead. We have also visited the ISAD - 3 conference during our sessions and she couldn't wait to share it with her parents. This client is the only student in a small rural school district (approx. 200 students) that stutters. Using the internet has opened a whole new world for her. Thank-you for your suggestions.

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