Using the Internet with Children Who Stutter

Re: Stuttering Topics

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 10/23/00
Time: 2:39:43 PM
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I'm not sure that I'm clear on exactly what you are asking, but let me give your question a try. I'd suggest that you go to Judy Kuster's Stuttering Homepage, the location where you likely accessed this paper, and look at the "Just for Kids" section. There are things that would be appropriate for children who are 5 or 6 years of age, and some things that are really above their level. You can pick and choose depending on the child. I am hoping that Judy will add the Art Gallery, which you can now view from the ISAD conference paper she wrote with Anders Lundberg and Agrianne DiaGrande entitled, "A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words", to her Just for Kids page. Right now, you can take a child to 'visit' the Art Gallery. But, since the conference is now closed, you can't add pictures that your kids might draw. However, you could show them the pictures and ask them to draw their own picture of what it feels like to stutter, or do collages or make paper mache' relating to the same topic.

I am not aware of other sites on the Internet that are devoted to the child who stutters. The websites for FRIENDS, NSA and SFA are great, but are more directed to parents and older kids/teens.

5 and 6 year olds will not necessarily be interested in spending lots of time online, since at that age, they tend to be more interested in tangible activities, right there in the room. But, I think that you could very successfully use the internet with a child of that age who is interested, to a limited extent.

Hope that answers your question adequately.



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