Talking to Parents about Stuttering


When only one parent is involved

From: Lynne Shields
Date: 10/9/00
Time: 9:09:56 PM
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Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing your ideas on working with parents. With several of the children we are working with at our clinic, there is one parent who is involved and interested in therapy, and the other parent avoids anything to do with their child's stuttering. I continue to work with the involved parent, of course, but I wonder if you have had any success in encouraging the non-involved parent in the treatment process. In one case, a mother of a stuttering client basically forced her husband to attend one treatment session, but we haven't seen him since. I don't see much point in forcing parents to do that which they cannot or do not wish to do. However, I see the hurt on the part of the child over one parent's seeming lack of interest. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.



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