This page was created for Michael Sugarman to make announcements 
of International Stuttering Day events around the world and 
otherinformation related to ISAD.

ISAD Online Conference
From: Judy Kuster
Date: 9/4/98
Time: 11:26:54 AM
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ISAD Online Conference will open October 1 and will culminate on 
October 22.

Its a Stuttering Thing Workshop - Lake Zurich, IL
From: Judy Kuster
Date: 9/4/98
Time: 11:30:36 AM
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Its a Stuttering Thing - September 26, 1998, Lake Zurich, Illinois - is 
a half-day workshop featuring E. Charles Healey (University of 
Nebraska) and Bill Murphy (Purdue University) - for kids who 
stutter, their parents, and speech-language pathologists. Contact 
Kristin Chmela (847-540-8685) or Nina Reardon (815-357-1871) for 
additional information. It is scheduled to be an early event as part of 
the ISAD celebration.

ISAD Posters
From: Judy Kuster
Date: 9/4/98
Time: 1:21:32 PM
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Posters are available from Amy Johnson at  The 
members of Special Interest Division 4 (SID4) of ASHA received 
information about the ISAD conference in their newsletter along with 
an ISAD poster. 575 SLPs with special interest in stuttering received 
the poster. Every ISA consumer group has also received posters. 

CAPS/NSP ISAD event - October 24 - St. Catharines, Ontario
From: Judy Kuster
Date: 9/4/98
Time: 1:49:34 PM
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CAPS and the NSP will host an event in connection with ISAD on 
Saturday, October 24, 1998 in St. Catharines, Ontario. Mary Wood of 
Dundas, Ontario, is among the organizers. The location is between 
Toronto and Buffalo. We look forward to meeting you at this event. 
More details will be announced at

Working Together: Families, Professionals and Friends
From: Lee Caggiano
Date: 9/8/98
Time: 8:59:14 AM
Remote Name:
Join Us in Celebration of International Stuttering Awareness Day 
Hofstra University Sept 26th Workshops for children, adults, families 
and clinicians  Presenter and facilitators: John Ahlbach, Lee Caggiano, 
Carole Ferrand, Heather Grossman, Elizabeth Mendez, Phil
Schneider, Jeff Shames, Dianne Slavin, Woody Starkweather, Meryl 
Wall, Karin Wexler, Ehud Yairi. For more info Contat Lee Caggiano 
LCaggiano@AOL.COM (516)499-7504 

Belgium Self Help group ISAD activities
From: Gert Reunes
Date: 9/9/98
Time: 8:57:40 AM
Remote Name:
The Belgium Self Help group at the University of Ghent is going full 
ahead to 22nd October. In the afternoon we have a congress with 5 
schools (students' speech therapists) and also for professionals, and 
in the evening for parents of children who stutter and for students 
with pedagogical backgrounds. Between the two congresses we have 
planned a evening dinner for the professors and the staff of vzw BeSt 
in a nice restaurant. We are also printing 400 program books and 
will sell the 50 posters we have gotten. The university will help us 
attract media attention. 300 journalists will receive a press release of 
the 22nd ISAD day. 

South-central MN NSP chapter to attend ISAD conference
From: Judy Kuster
Date: 9/11/98
Time: 8:47:32 AM
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The South-Central Minnesota NSP chapter is arranging to have a 
computer lab available for their October chapter meeting so that 
members can attend the ISAD conference. Several of the members 
have never seen the Internet, so this will be an exciting evening!

Posters reach around the world!
From: Amy Johnson
Date: 9/12/98
Time: 1:08:07 PM
Remote Name:
The ISAD posters have been sent to several individuals who have 
requested them as well the following support organizations around 
the world: 

Argentina - Argentina Stuttering Association, Australia - Australian 
Speak Easy Association, Inc., Austria - Osterrelchische 
Selbsthifeinitiative fur Stottern, Belgium - Belangengroep Stotteraars 
VZW BeSt,. Canada - Canadian Association for People Who Stutter and 
Speak Easy, Inc., Denmark - The Association for Stutterers in 
Denmark, Estonia - The Estonian Association of People who Stutter, 
Finland - The Association of Finnish Stutterers, France - Association 
Valncre le Begalement, Germany - Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-
Selbsthilfe e.V., Hungary -Demoszthenesz, Iceland - Malbjorg-The 
Icelandic Stuttering Organization, Japan All-Japan Genyukai 
Association and Japan Stuttering Project, The Netherlands - 
Nederlandse Stottervereniging Demosthenes, New Zealand - New 
Zealand Speak Easy Association, Inc., Norway - Norwegian 
Stammering Association, Poland - Polish Association of People Who 
Stutter, South Africa - Speakeasy Stuttering Association-South Africa, 
Sweden - Swedish Stammerers Association, Switzerland - VERSTA - 
Vereinigung fur Stotternde und Angehorige, United Kingdom - British 
Stammering Association, USA Friends: The Association of Young 
People Who Stutter and the National Stuttering Project , 
International: The Speak Easy International Foundation, Inc. and 

Cincinnati NSP workshop - October 24
From: Tom Scharstein
Date: 9/13/98
Time: 3:14:04 PM
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The Cincinnati NSP chapter will host a fall workshop to coincide with 
International Stuttering Awareness Day. Russ Hicks, a recently 
retired computer analyst and an award-winning member of 
Toastmasters will be featured. The workshop will be held October 
24th at Mercy South Hospital in Fursst Park, Ohio. For more 
information, contact Tom Scharstein at 

ISAD in the press
From: Michael Sugarman
Date: 9/17/98
Time: 6:22:59 PM
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Information on International Stuttering Awareness Day activities 
appeared in ADVANCE on September 14, 1998, and also in the SID4 
newsletter August 1998 Vo. 8, number 3, International Stuttering 
Association Spring 1998 and the NSP's Letting Go for July/August 

Conference in Israel to be held on ISAD
From: Benny Ravid
Date: 9/18/98
Time: 7:43:23 AM
Remote Name:
On October 22, in celebration of International Stuttering Awareness 
Day, AMBI, the Israeli Stuttering Association will hold its first 
conference in Beit Leni, 37 King George St. Tel Aviv. For more 
information, contact Benny Ravid at 

ISAD announced in New Zealand
From: Michael Sugarman
Date: 9/24/98
Time: 11:23:05 AM
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The New Zealand Speak Easy Association newsletter "Air Flow," 
Spring 1998 vol.10 . number 4 had a lead article "Oct. 22 is World 
Day for Stuttering Awareness"

Date: 9/25/98
Time: 6:15:51 AM
Remote Name:
The following is planned for ISAD: 
1. Dispatch posters to Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed Companies 
with a covering page. 
2. Talks at high schools 
3. National television and radio coverage 
4. Posters to be displayed in major state hospitals and clinics with 
information letter. 
Good luck to all other regions. 

Improvisation "Play" Shop
From: Amy Johnson
Date: 9/25/98
Time: 8:50:15 AM
Remote Name:
In Celebration of International Stuttering Awareness Day, the 
Cleveland Chapters of the National Stuttering Project are presenting 
an Improvisational Workshop on October 3, 1998.

Poster sent around the world Update
From: Amy Johnson
Date: 9/25/98
Time: 9:45:04 AM
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Countries which have received posters now include Israel, Italy and 

ISAD DEMONSTRATION - October 22 - 12:00 Noon
From: Amy Johnson
Date: 9/25/98
Time: 9:48:09 AM
Remote Name:
ISAD World Demonstration 
AT 12:00 NOON ON OCTOBER 22 turn to the person next to you and 
tell that person that you stutter, like millions of others, and that you 
are proud to communicate. Do this at work, on the street, at play. 
Children -- do this in class or at recess. If you are a SLP or parent or 
sister or brother, talk to someone about stuttering. Then . . . let us 
hear from you. If you participate in this world demonstration, please 
write about your experience and e-mail it to me at or Michael Sugarman at 
Together we can make a difference for people who stutter all over 
the world. 

ISAD proclamation - Everett, WA
From: Dave Halvorsen
Date: 9/30/98
Time: 8:40:31 AM
Remote Name:
To do my part for International Stuttering Awareness Day on Oct.22, 
I am taking the sample proclamation (which I retyped and printed 
ready for mayor's signature) so he can officially recognize 
International Stuttering Awareness Day here in my hometown of 
Everett, Wa. I printed some facts and articles from the NSP and SFA 
websites to support my presentation. Also, to add validity I will 
present comments on my own stuttering history and how it led me to 
Stutt-L and NSP.

From: Susan Finkenstadt
Date: 10/3/98
Time: 2:42:34 PM
Remote Name:
I am coordinator of speech path at the University Hospital in 
Syracuse and I have arranged an interview with the journalist for 
the Healthcast progam at a tv station WSYR-9. A former adult client 
and I will be interviewed. In addition, my speech dept will have an 
exhibit outside of the SUNY-HSC cafeteria on ISAD. The exhibit will 
feature SFA videos and brochures and posters, as well as a stand up 
exhibit which provides some statistics on stuttering and debunks 
some of the myths about stuttering. We hope to educate hospital 
employees as professionals and parents about how to interact with a 
person who stutters and what they can do as parents. 

Belgium ISAD DAY
From: Petra Velghe
Date: 10/6/98
Time: 1:41:08 PM
Remote Name:
Publicity on television and radio is done! Also on teletext 
(textprogram you can see on your TV ) we had publicitiy for the 
ISAD day. Radio I (national radio) will give an interview with a 
famous TV program maker (Luckas Vander Taelen). Also Professor 
Dr. Van BORSEL of the University of Ghent will have an intervieuw 
with a Doctors news paper. This paper goes to all the doctors of 
Belgium. Furhter more we will have a mailing of 1000 adresses to old 
students (speech therapists). 

We have printed a booklet of 40 pages about what we do on the 
22nd and will distributed towards our visitors of the ISAD day. 

Thanks to all and do not forget 22 nd october auditorium D 
polikliniek between P3 and P4 ISAD day starts at 2 pm at the 
University of Ghent Dinner with speakers at 6 Pm 

Evening program at 7.30 pm!!! 

At 10 Pm starts also a stuttering PARTY with all the students !!! :-) 

Greetings to all our friends in Netherland, GREECE and the whole 

From: Gert Reunes
Date: 10/6/98
Time: 2:12:57 PM
Remote Name:
I know, the 22nd isn't finished but I will give thanks to some people; 
First of all thanks to my parent to make it possible that I can study 
for speech therapist at age of 36!!! Yes I was and still I am a 
stutterer :-) Thanks that they give me the opportunity to work for 
this Belgium ISAD DAY. 

Thanks to I.S.A. to start the initiative for this DAY. I hope we will 
make it on the 22 nd ;-) I will thank my staff and the members of 
our organisation who did a wonderful job!!! Thanks to Prof. Dr. Van 
Borsel for believing in our organisation and our self help groups! Also 
for his many hours after his daily job at the University of Ghent. 

I am sure that such a day will be the start of a new viewpoint of our 
problem! And that we in Belgium will work much more together ( 
selfhelp groups and speech therapists). 

Thanks also to Martine De Vloed who works a lot in the office of vzw 
BeSt and always giving 100% of her strength. 

And 10000000 x thanks to my girlfriend who is waiting for me when 
I have finished organizing this ISAD BELGIUM DAY. You are my one 
and only ! 

Gert Reunes chairman of vzw BeSt

Berkshire Stuttering Center workshop - Oct 17
From: Audrey
Date: 10/10/98
Time: 10:37:23 AM
Remote Name:
In recognition of International Stuttering Awareness Day the 
Berkshire Stuttering Center will be holding a free workshop on 
Saturday, October 17th from 1-4 P.M. at Lee High School. The 
workshop is open to children who stutter, their parents and the 
speech pathologists who work with them. 

The purpose of the workshop is to create an environment of support 
and understanding by offering children and parents the opportunity 
to meet with other stutterers and their families. 

Please call 413-637-0111 to reserve your place or contact Audrey at

ISAD in Argentina
From: Beatriz Touzet
Date: 10/16/98
Time: 10:52:23 AM
Remote Name:
Our activities in Argentina on the ISAD are: 
1- We translate your Proclamation and we made 2000 paper to offer 
to: - Schools - On the street - Church - Hospital and clinicals - Shops - 

2- We made two ISAD poster: one for children and other for adults 

3- We are organizing a October 22 Convention at the Buenos Aires 
University, to celebrate also the place of Argentina Stuttering 
Association there 4- STICKERS: "If you stutter you are not alone" 5- 
One publication in the Asociacion Argentina de Foniatria Audiologia y 
Logopedia 6- We have invited to our meeting at the University: 
speech-pathologist, students, graduated, people who stutter, teachers 
and the Self Help Group 7- We inform and invited people from the 
Health Commette.of our Parliament 8- In the Argentina Stuttering 
Association Buletin we have sent information about October 22 9- 
We sent posters to radio and TV programs 10- People who stutter 
have been worked in the Argentina Isad posters 

Our schedule for this day : 

- Presentation of the A.A.T. and the objetives - The ISAD celebration 
- A workshop with masks People who stutter parents - A workshop 
in communication specialist and speech - A drama sketch all together 
pathologist and general people - A video meeting: "Wine and 
empanadas" MUSIC and DANCE 

Thank you Michael for all your help.As you see in Argentina we 
begin to learn about October 22.It is so nice to make this celebration 
all together in this special day! 


ISAD activities in Korea
From: Moonja Shin
Date: 10/16/98
Time: 10:57:18 AM
Remote Name:
My clinic are planning to host a meeting of stuttering people and 
professionals on 24, Oct. We made Korean posters and brochure for 
the stuttering awareness day. from Moonja Shin.

ISAD in Brazil
From: Claudia Regina Furquim de Andrade
Date: 10/16/98
Time: 2:22:13 PM
Remote Name:
In Brazil we are organizing a Seminar for SLP students, professionals 
and academic people. It won't be so big, but it is the first step.... The 
program, on October 22 will be: 

"International Stuttering Awareness Day" 


19:30 - 20:15hs - Opening Session Welcome - Dra. Debora Maria Béfi 
Lopes - Chair of Sciences of Communication and Disorders 
Department - Medical School - Sao Paulo University. 

International Stuttering Awareness Day e First International Online 
Conference on Stuttering - Dra. Claudia Regina Furquim de Andrade - 
Fluency and Fluency Disorders Laboratory. Sciences of 
Communication and Disorders Department - Medical School - Sao 
Paulo University. 

Brazilian Fluency Committe - Dra. Maria Isis Meira - President 

20:15 - 21:15hs - Invited Session - STUTTERING: MULTIAREA POINT 
OF VIEW Pediatric - Dra. Luiza Arthemia Suman Mascaretti - Medical 
School - São Paulo University 

Neurology - Dr. Luiz Celso Pereira Vilanova - Medical School - 
University Federal of São Paulo 

Foniatric - Dr. Mauro Spinelli - Catholic University of Sao Paulo 

Genetic - Dr. Antonio Richieri-Costa - Research and Rehabilitation 
Hospital of Clefts - São Paulo University. 

Speech-Language - Dra. Sílvia Friedman - Catholic University of Sao 

21:15 - 21:45hs - Research Presentation and comment - TRAINING 
Verônica Zackiewicz - Fluency and Fluency Disorders Laboratory. 
Sciences of Communication and Disorders Department - Medical 
School - Sao Paulo University. 

Comment - Dr. Jaime Luiz Zorzi - Scientific Director of Brazilian 
Speech-Language-Hearing Society 

21:45 - 22:00hs - Video Presentation - STUTTERERS PERSONAL 

22:00 - Closing Session - THE FUTURE 

ISAD symposium schedule - St. Catharines
From: Jaan Pill
Date: 10/16/98
Time: 2:39:45 PM
Remote Name:
International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) symposium in St. 

A one-day symposium in celebration of the International Stuttering 
Awareness Day (ISAD), will be staged at the CAW TCA Hall at 124 
Bunting Road, St. Catharines, Ontario from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on 
Saturday, October 24, 1998. 

This first-ever event has been organized by the Canadian Association 
for People Who Stutter (CAPS) and the California-based National 
Stuttering Project (NSP). The event will bring together people who 
stutter of all ages, their families, and speech professionals. 

October 22 has been designated as International Stuttering 
Awareness Day by three international associations working on behalf 
of people who stutter. Saturday, October 24, 1998 has been chosen as 
the date for the St. Catharines event. The International Stuttering 
Association (ISA), the International Fluency Association (IFA), and 
the European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA) are 
collaborating in staging such ISAD events worldwide. 

ISA is an international network of 35 national self-help associations 
for people who stutter. The most recent ISA World Congress was in 
Johannesburg, South Africa in 1998. IFA is an international network 
of speech professionals, researchers, and self-help groups. The most 
recent IFA World Congress was in San Francisco in 1997. ELSA, a 
network of 15 European self-help associations, recently held a 
seminar in Dublin on schoolchildren who stutter. 

Facilitators at the St. Catharines event include Tony Churchill, MCST, 
a speech-language pathologist in the school system in the Region of 
Peel. He works with school children and adults (the latter in private 
practice) who stutter. Tony Churchill is also a keynote speaker at the 
next national CAPS conference, ABC / CAPS 99, in Montreal in 1999. 
The Association des Bègues du Canada (ABC) is co-hosting the latter 

Second facilitator is Gary Rentschler, PhD, director of a speech, 
language and hearing clinic at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. 
Third facilitator is Luc DeNil, PhD, associate professor in speech-
language pathology at the University of Toronto. His positron 
emission tomography (PET) research on brain mechanisms has 
provided strong evidence of a neurological basis for stuttering. 

ISAD - Ottawa, Canada
From: Ann Meltzer
Date: 10/20/98
Time: 11:27:17 AM
Remote Name:
The Stuttering Treatement Clinic in Ottawa is having an open house 
Oct 22. For further information contact Ann Meltzer 

Pittsburgh - treatment planning roundtable
From: J. Scott Yaruss
Date: 10/20/98
Time: 6:08:49 PM
Remote Name:
A treatment planning roundtable is planned at the Stuttering Center 
of Western Pennsylvania in honor of the ISAD. It's
a free workshop for speech-language pathologists in the Pittsburgh 
area, designed to give clinicians an opportunity to
ask questions and get new ideas about how best help their clients 
who stutter.

Presentation for my son's school
From: Molly Tami 
Date: 10/20/98
Time: 6:13:19 PM
Remote Name:
To honor ISAD, I will be doing a presentation at my son's school, 
explaining why people stutter to 2-5 grade students.

Carolina Ayala of CAPS in CITY-TV ISAD interview
From: Jaan Pill
Date: 10/21/98
Time: 8:02:37 PM
Remote Name:
Carolina Ayala of Toronto appeared on CITY-TV, a major Toronto-
area TV startion, as a spokesperson for CAPS (Canadian Association 
for People who Stutter) and SAT (Stuttering Association of Toronto) 
at a breakfast interview on the morning of Wednesday, October 21, 

The Breakfast TV show devoted a significant amount of time to the 
ISAD interview. Carolina performed superbly well. She spoke really 
well and from the heart. She came across as relaxed, knowledgeable, 
warm, and poised. The interviewer, Ann Rohmer, also did a great job. 
It was a first-rate interview -- a source of pride and inspiration for 
every person who is involved at any level in the self-help movement 
on behalf of persons who stutter. 

Now a university student, Carolina was also featured in Speaking of 
Courage, the award-winning video about children who stutter, 
produced by Condor Productions in Toronto. In recent years, Carolina 
Ayala of Toronto and Shamez Kassam of Calgary have organized 
workshops specifically for young people who stutter at for CAPS 
conference in Toronto in 1995 and Vancouver in 1997. 

We very much look forward to her leadership, and leadership of 
other young people who stutter, in organizing workshops and events 
for young people at ABC / CAPS 99, the Fifth Canadian Conference for 
People Who Stutter, in Montreal on August 19-21,1999. The 
Association des Bgues du Canada (ABC) is co-hosting the latter 
conference. A call for Proposals is posted on the CAPS Web site at 
 and a Canada Post version will be mailed 
out soon. We look forward to a wide range of interesting and 
valuable proposals. 

Facilitators at the St. Catharines event include Tony Churchill, MCST, 
a speech-language pathologist in the school system in the Region of 
Peel. He works with school children and adults (the latter in private 
practice) who stutter. Tony Churchill is also one of the keynote 
speakers at the ABC / CAPS 99. 

Second facilitator is Gary Rentschler, PhD, director of a speech, 
language and hearing clinic at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. 
Third facilitator is Luc De Nil, PhD, associate professor in speech-
language pathology at the University of Toronto. His positron 
emission tomography (PET) scan research on brain mechanisms has 
provided strong evidence of a neurological basis for stuttering. 

The CITY-TV interview will give extra publicity for the ISAD event in 
St.Catharines on Oct. 24. The toll-free number for CAPS was screened 
during the interview, along with the address of the St. Catharines 
ISAD. That address is the CAW TCA Hall at 124 Bunting Road. The 
event is from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm on Saturday, October 24. 

All the best, 
Jaan Pill, 
Coordinator, Canadian Association for People Who Stutter 
Chair, Outreach Working Group, International Stuttering Association 

Ottawa ISAD event details
From: Jaan Pill
Date: 10/21/98
Time: 8:08:30 PM
Remote Name:
Here are more details about Ottawa ISAD event on Oct. 22: 
International Stuttering Awareness Day is being celebrated in the 
Ottawa area by having a joint open house / information session at 
the University of Ottawa on Thursday, October 22, 1998 from 7:00 to 
9:00 pm at Lamoureux Hall on the University of Ottawa campus. 

This is a cooperative effort between the Audiology and Speech 
Language Program at University of Ottawa and the Stuttering 
Treatment Clinic at the Rehabilitation Centre, and will feature brief 
talks by clinicians, parents of children who stutter, and adults who 

Representatives from CAPS, and from both English and French self-
help groups, will be present to answer any questions or provide 

Entitled The Many Faces of Stuttering, this ISAD event will 
endeavour to bring together those who stutter, families of those who 
stutter, clinicians, researchers, and the public who wish to learn and 
understand more about stuttering. For further information, contact 
Norm McEwen at 613-226-7001 or , or 
Ann Meltzer at AMeltzer@ROHCG.ON.CA. 

From: Steve Hood
Date: 10/22/98
Time: 12:22:49 PM
Remote Name:
Just a quick note to express my thanks and appreciation to Judy 
Kuster and Michael Sugarman -- and all the others -- who have 
contributed to make ISAD the success it has been. 

I have been greatly impressed by this venture. Congratulations to all 
who have been a part of his historic event. 

Steve Hood

Article re. ISAD conference
From: Steven Dwyer
Date: 4/18/00
Time: 10:57:27 AM
Remote Name:
Communication disorder conference encourages those who stutter to 
seek web help, an article about ISAD 1998 by Steven Dwyer posted