About the presenters: The presenters for this paper consist of the spring 2005 undergraduate class in fluency and fluency disorders at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Class members were: Jessica Beck, Caitlin Buchkoski, Jenifer Burman, Chad Clower, Crystal Donner, Becky Haas, Kate Hainrich, Kris Hoppe, Emily Kruse, Kirsten Markiewicz, Jana Miller, Kelly O'Malley, Beth Miller, Evan Panitzke, Deric Peterson, Laura Riehle, Megan Riesgaard, Kelly Ritter, Jackie Schueller, Kimberly Scranton, Cassie Tegmeier, Katie Trefethren, Amy Ulwelling, Jessica Zendner, and Elizabeth Zika.

For this article, rather than posting questions, please post other support group meeting ideas that have been especially fun or helpful in your meetings. Please post your ideas before October 22, 2005.

Support Group Activities

collected by Judy Kuster's Undergraduate Class in Fluency Disorders
and submitted by many people from support groups

Coming up with good ideas for support group meetings can be a challenge. There are some good resources on the internet that provide ideas, including To add to the materials designed to help support groups around the world come up with good activities, students in the 2005 undergraduate class on fluency disorders, contacted chapter leaders from the National Stuttering Association in the United States as well as several support organizations in other countries, asking them to share ideas from some of their most interesting, successful meetings. They are shared below with gratitude to all who emailed activity ideas.

San Jose, CA chapter from Howard Delman (Jessica Beck)

South Central Minnesota (http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/depthp/nsamankato.html) from Preston Smith (Judy Kuster)

Tallahassee, FL from Mike Jedlicka (Caitlin Buchkowski)

San Francisco chapter from Angus Croll (submitted by Nora O'Connor)

Arizona State University Fluency Group - Catherine Bacon (Evan Panitzke)

Plano/North Dallas Chapter - Chris Roach (originally posted to NSACHAP@LISTSERV.TEMPLE.EDU 8/14/2003 and included below with permission of the author)

Dallas Chapter (http://www.geocities.com/dallasnsa/) - Dale Sander (Jennifer Burman)

Chicagoland Northwest Support Group - Wood Dale, Il. - Larry Stack (Jana Miller)

Madison, Wisconsin Chapter - Jason Pearson (Katie Trefethren)

Dallas, Texas Chapter (www.geocities.com/dallasnsa) - Russ Hicks (Kelly Ritter)

Sweden Chapter (website: www.ssf.st (all in Swedish) National website:www.stamning.se Private website about stuttering: www.anita.se orwww.stamning.info) - Anita Blom (Cassie Tegmeier)

Australian McGuire Programme support group - Geoff Johnston (Kris Hoppe)

Irish Stammering Association Self Help Group - Jonathon Linklater (Kelly O'Malley)

British Columbia Association of Person Who Stutter (BCAPS) - Mia Austinson (Beth Miller)

Eastern ND Chapter - Manish Rami (Amy Ulwelling)

Boca Raton, FL Chapter - Vikesh Anand (Deric Peterson)

Royal Oak, Michigan NSA Chapter (http://www.geocities.com/nsaroyaloak/) - Bernie Weiner (Chad Clower)

Royal Oak, Michigan - Maria Garza (Megan Riesgaard)

Plano/North Dallas NSA Chapter - Joseph Diaz (Kirsten Markiewicz)

You can post Questions/comments about the above paper to the authors before October 22, 2005.

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