The following extensive bibliography is shared by Andreas Starke, from Germany. It is a 50 page document which I scanned. If I missed any of the scanning errors and you happen to spot them, let me know! Judy Kuster


compiled by Andreas Starke
Western Michigan University
March 1982

The articles in this bibliography were compiled from a review of the dsh-abstracts, the ERIC system, the Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders (JSHD), the Journal of Speech and Hearing Research (JSHR), the Journal of Fluency Disorders (JFD), and the Journal of Communication Disorders (JCD).

The bibliography is thorough for the years 1976 through 1981. Other references dated prior to 1976 are included if they were cited in the ash-abstracts or the ERIC system.


  • Behavioral Psychology, Learning Theory
  • Children
  • Feedback, EMG, Masking
  • General Theory
  • Hereditability
  • Language, Articulation
  • Management
  • Neurophysiology, Auditory Process
  • Parents, Listeners
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology: Movement, Motor Control
  • Psychology, Sociology

    The classification of references under these headings was based on the examination of the titles only.

    STUTTERING BIBLIOGRAPHY - Behavioral Psychology, Learning Theory

    1 9 8 1

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    1 9 8 0

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    1 9 7 9

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    1 9 7 8

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    1 9 7 7

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    1 9 7 6

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    1 9 7 5

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    1 9 7 4

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    1 9 7 3

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    1 9 7 2

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    1 9 8 1

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    1 9 8 1

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