THE STUTTERER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE by Nicholas Tunbridge (1994) (ISBN 0-201-44356-2) is available in paperback for $14.95 ($Australian) from: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company 6 Byfield St, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia Phone +61 2 878 5411 Fax +61 2 878 5830
The Stutterer's Survival guide provides crucial support for the
stutterer who has tried one of the many treatment programs available and
is now facing the challenge of maintaining their fluency.

This guide provides practical advice and suggests specific strategies to
help the stutterer through those 'hot spots' at school, at work and at
play, including interviews, telephone conversations, presentations,

To reinforce the importance of support, a special chapter is devoted to
the stutterer's family and friends.  Establishing a continuing
supportive relationship with other stutterers is also encouraged.

The Stutterer's Survival Guide is illustrated throughout with witty,
lighthearted cartoons which empathise with the reader, adding humour
and lightening the tone of the book, without trivialising the subject.

Nicholas Tunbridge is uniquely qualified to offer this down-to-earth
advice.  Nicholas is thirty-seven years old, has stuttered since he was
four years old and has tried many forms of treatment.  Three years ago
Nicholas achieved a high level of fluency.  This guide describes the
techniques Nicholas uses to get him through his life both socially and

Nicholas is now employed as a human resources consultant, a job that
requires him to use speech effectively and confidently.  He is married
and lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and daughter.

The foreword to the book was written by Megan Neilson, PhD, and contains
general information about stuttering and its treatment.