The following is an advertisement describing a new book by George H. Shames, a retired licensed speech-language pathologist and psychologist who is the author of many professional works in the area of stuttering and counseling.

The Company of TRUTH

We know who DIDN'T commit murder, but who did? Following Hank as he escapes from one prison only to find himself locked into another far tougher one. The Company of Truth by George H. Shames introduces us to young Hank Miller as he struggles to overcome the frustrations and cruelties associate with being a child who stutters. In spite of loving parents and a spirited friend, he copes daily with his inability to communicate with others and the pain of being the target of schoolyard torment.

Hank undergoes a transformation during his late teen years when his family stumbles upon a new therapy that helps him to control this socially isolating disability. Unfortunately, he soon stumbles into a nightmare as well, one that brings into question his character, his future and even his life. The author follows Hank through conviction for a heinous crime he insists he didn't commit, numbing years in the federal prison system, and, finally, redemption through the very curse that convicted him in the first place -- stuttering.

The author's years as a nationally renowned speech-language pathologist and psychologist serve the story well, providing an unusual and painfully realistic underpinning to a yarn of murder and mystery.

added January 25, 2006