"THE" Word

by Jim Abbott

That word
That vile
Hateful word
Possessing an ugliness almost beyond comprehension
So foul, so frightening
It's very utterance is forbidden
So afraid are you of the unbelievable horrors that might be unleashed
Supplier of shame
Perpetrator of pain
Evil incarnate
As if sent from the very bowels of hell itself
Ruler of your every thought and action
Controller of your destiny
Run away
Yes, run away
Faster and farther and further still
But what's the use
For no matter what you do
There is no escape
Always it is there
Waiting for you
Laughing at you
Mocking you
Teasing and taunting and tormenting you
Torturing you
Haunting dreams
Nightmarish screams
Begging please

That word
That single, solitary word
A word used to describe and define
Exactly who and what you are
Such incredible power this one little word does possess
Or does it?
Does it really?
Is it not but a collection of simple sounds and syllables?
The combination of a few randomly strung together letters
Which, truth be told
In that manner
Is not any different than any other word
That you have ever heard

In reality
It is we
That allow "THE" word
To describe us
And define us
We assign to it it's awesome power
When we resign ourselves to be controlled by it
It is our fears that feed the beast
And permit it to live, thrive and survive
And it is we
That have the ability
To smite this dreaded demon of the dark

Be no more it's slave
Rise up, stand brave
Cast aside your shame
And speak out it's name
For that word
"THE" word
That thing that you so most detest
Is simply but a word

Nothing more
And nothing less

added with permission May 8, 2001