So Much Laughter

by Jim Abbott

Laughter, laughter,
Oh yes I hear the laughter,
All that giggled, chortled chatter,
As these words I fight to speak,
Words that always seem to lie,
Just a bit beyond of my reach,
And why? ,
What is it that brings about all those smirks and snickers? ,
And why be they voiced with such a boisterous vim and vigor? ,
Why? ,
Only because I'm slightly different,
Nothing more than that,
Just the single, simple fact,
That I am somewhat, slightly different,
And nothing more than that,
That is it,
And nothing more,
Just that I am slightly somewhat,
Just a bit outside the norm,
My speech, you see, is not quite like,
All the rest of those I know,
And my schoolmates find it all so, oh so comical,
To watch me struggle so,
To them it seems like I'm their own,
One man, real life, personal entertainment show,
But I can say quite honestly,
If left up to me it were to be,
In such a insulting, insensitive sort of way,
I'd really rather they not think of me,
As in this what causes me much bemusement,
I share not in their great and grand amusement,
But still,
No ill will I bear towards those that mock me,
At those who choose to spurn or scoff me,
Only I wish that perhaps come one day,
They could or would somehow, someway,
See the things that in my stuttered world I see,
Perhaps a day, a hour, even a minute of stuttering,
And to an end might come their teasing and their tittering,
Maybe a lesson from that they'd finally learn,
But until the time of such occurrence,
I must take some comfort in the assurance,
Of what I know and hold so true,
That the meaning of these words that I say,
Greatly does so very far outweigh,
The manner in which they have been said,

added with permission
November 29, 2001