by Jim Abbott

Someone please listen to me
Please, please listen to me
Can't anyone hear my plea?
Won't someone, somewhere answer me?
How can it be
That a man such as me
Can never be free
From this misery?
Can't someone set me free?
Doesn't anyone hold the key?
Must stuttering always be
Be a part of me?
I curse the powers that be
How can they be so mean?
I used to think that way you, you see
Always feeling sorry for me
Always wanting sympathy
Always, always whoa is me
My life was misery
Tortured myself endlessly
And also quite needlessly
As finally it dawned on me
Finally, I was able to see
That stuttering was just my destiny
Instead of questioning the powers that be
Instead of whining about, why me?
My thoughts should have been, why not me?
Should someone else stutter in place of me?
Whom would you choose to trade places with thee?
Damn fate chose my destiny
But I can say with certainty
That stuttering is but a small part of me
And as I look around and see
All these people who talk just like me
I can state unequivocally
And I'm certain most will agree
That I am in damn good company

added with permission of the author
June 19, 2000