He Is In Love!

by Dana M. E. Alhaddad

He is in love!
Finally there!
The state that makes
Each heart sigh.
He ached, he craved,
To show his love,
To scatter his joy.
He watched her still.
The days went by.
He failed to speak,
To tell what he felt.
He stalked, he followed
He chased, he dwelt
Before her house,
Against the pane.
' I can not tell,
I swear it's hell!' .
The day came:
He went there
With hopes on high:
'She's the one to see
What I see in me'.
He muttered :'I'
He stammered: 'L'
He struggled: 'O'
He twitched with:'V',
A twitch that squeezed
A tear from me.
But was it pity,
Or fiendish mockery?
His face did have
The queerest look.
She went right back,
The door she locked!

added May 22, 2008