My Head Is Held Up In The Sky

by Dana M. E. Alhaddad

My head is held up in the sky
I stroke the sun,
And pluck the stars
The entire world is mine.
There I can see a glow
That lights dimly
In it I recognize my aim
My goal, my reason,
I shall claim.
This world of mine
Would be better, by it
How could I have seen
This world as perfect
Without that light?
Such a fool, I was, and am.
To myself I think
How easy is this!
To claim the prize.
I move my legs,
To run to it
Then realize:
They can't stir.
I glance down, to see
What the fault might be:
A cloud of deep gloom
Between me, and my feet.
I try and try, to run
To walk, to stir, in vain
My feet are sore.
I shout, I cry
The tears are dry
I call and yell, but no reply
I scatter the fog, with hands so mad
What can be the fault?
Alas! I see through the fog
My feet they rot in the spot
Where I was born.
They lie, in shackles,
I can't, I won't ever
Claim the prize.
My head I hold up high
Yet not with pride,
But in search for that light.
It lies there still,
Sparkling dimly
As if it mocks me
In my misery!

added May 22, 2008