Sweet Relief

words and music by Jason Gay
May 1994

I suffer from a speech impediment known as stuttering. In this song, I have tried to express the pain, fears, and frustrations of this condition. Although it is a very specific song about a very specific ailment, I believe its longing is universal, and therefore I wish to dedicate this song to all of those who feel that the thorn in their flesh can and does from time to time inhibit them from being completely who, in their hearts and dreams, they truly are. I am compelled to believe that they will all find, hopefully sooner than later, sweet relief. Until then, we would do well to be honest about our pain and perhaps even cry a little if need be. Until then, His grace must be sufficient.

P.S. A little background on some of the reference may help you better appreciate the song. One of the hardest things I've had to deal with as a stutterer is the phone. Several times when I've called someone and had difficulties speaking, I've been mistaken for a prank caller or been made fun of, thus the "person on the other end of my receiver" line. Also, after a show once, someone came to me and asked it I was aware that it was actually called the "rock" of Gibraltar. But when a stutterer gets hung up on a word it's called a block, thus the "block of Gibraltar" line. I always feel compelled to clarify this as that I want the public to know just how clever of a songwriter I really am.

Sweet Relief

what's that why do you laugh at me
as if i'm some kind of fool
well yes i am a fool indeed
but not for what you might believe
and i'm still waiting
i'm still praying for sweet relief

oh to speak with the tongue of an angel
or maybe just mere man
or even just to have the person on the other end
of my receiver understand
that i'm still waiting
i'm still praying for sweet relief

i did not choose to talk this way
i had no say in the matter
i am innocent of the part i might have played
and there's so much more i am dying to say

please don't make me repeat myself
once was bad enough
"look at the bight side, son, it keeps you humble
it builds you character and makes you tough"
nonetheless i'm still waiting
all the same i'm still praying for sweet relief

my tongue is tied and the cat's got it, too
my mind is on fire
i'm trapped under the block of gibraltar
and i just want to tell you
that i'm still waiting
i'm still praying for sweet relief
oh yes i'm still waiting
i'm still praying for our sweet relief

From his CD, The Singer and The Song, by Jason Gay, available through
Now and Then Records
c/o Jason Gay
P.O. Box 17
Eagle Lake, MN

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