My Stutter

by James Harker, Jr.

To not know pain, you can not know me
	For I was shrouded in a robe of tears.
	I have taken all of the jousts and jeers,
	And they have left me in pure agony.
Like a tasteless apple - a rootless tree,
	It just got more sour over the years.
	Yet I lived my nightmares, and faced my fears;
	Rode the waves, rather than drown in life's sea.
And though my tomb is shut, I hear all things.
	My eyes are sharper - my touch is so kind;
	Which is moreso than some poor souls can do.
My mouth may be stone, but my heart has wings;
	And each day on earth is a brand new find.
	All the things I have help to get me through.

added April 21, 2008