Silent No More

by James Harker, Jr.

I used to be fragile and insecure
Because that is how everyone viewed me.
When I would try to speak, no words would flow,
And this just strengthened all my misery.
I used to be someone locked tight away
In the dark recesses of my sad mind
For fear of what might happen if I spoke;
For fear of the horrors I thought I'd find.
I used to shrink away from everyone,
Thinking they would all laugh and point and stare.
I was in a world of such silentness
It was like I was never even there.

Yet this was before I knew my true self,
And how strong and powerful I could be.
Now, people can say anything they want
But their words will never again hurt me.
It still takes me a while to speak out,
Yet I will never run or shy away,
And as I arise from my silent bed
I know I am a changed person today.
I used to be alone, and so afraid,
But that was the life I had led before.
Now, my eyes are shining with clarity:
I grasp the world, and am silent no more.

added April 21, 2008