poems by Karpinski


John Karpinski

Sometimes I lay in bed.
I hear words in my head.
I hear words I say best.
I also hear all the "rest."

The "rest" cause fear.
BUT I will get up and SPEAK!

added April 5, 2015


John Karpinski

I spend time looking around this big world
I hear fluency in little boys and girls.

People speak whatever is in their heads.
I worry if anyone understands what I said.

All I want is a perfectly cooked steak.
I can't say that so I order a crab cake.

I call companies that have voice menus.
They don't understand stutter so I hit zero.

I have many thoughts, ideas and feelings.
When asked I just look at the floor or ceiling.

This was me.
I Stutter. Deal With It.

added April 15, 2015