By: Lindsey Lambert (age 17)

What can I say about stuttering?

How it has kept me from making new friends?

How it has kept me from asking questions?

No, I do not think it was my stuttering that kept me from doing those things

It was I.

I am too scared to attempt to do any of those things,

I fear that I am going to feel embarrassed or someone is going to look at me funny.

Why am I so afraid to let people know who I really am?

Why would I care what people think?

It still hurts

The pain is still there

So why wouldn't I care?

I need to train myself to take chances and let it all hang out

It is not going to get any better if I let the words silence me

I'm tired of feeling this way

Let me out of this darkness and into the happiness of the light.

added with permission
May 26, 2004