The Scatman

by John Larkin

John "The Scatman" Larkin writes:
"Two of the four verses to "Scatman" deal directly with stuttering....they

1.  "Everybody stutters one way or the other so
      check out my message to you. As a
      matter of fact don't let nothin' hold you back if the
      Scatman can do can you."

2.   Everybody's saying that the Scatman stutters but
      doesn't ever stutter when he sings.....but
      what you don't know I gonna tell you right now that the
      stutter and the scat is the same thing....yo I'm the

The words are intended for kids and youth.

The first verse simply says that we all have problems; and with the courage
to accept yourself just as you are and deal with those problems, you can have
a good life and a stronger life as the very result of having those
problems....and if I can get on with my life, so can you.

The second verse says that the stutter and the scat are the very same that I mean that the biggest influence to my scatsinging has been my
(a)  The stutter taught me to pronounce the scat syllables the way you hear
them on the song.
(b)  It can be useful to see scatsinging as "released" stuttering....or
"fluent" stuttering.

My scatsinging is unique......because I stutter.....therefore my greatest
problem has become my greatest asset."

John Larkin