Nora's Dance

by Nora O'Connor

I can feel the music.
I can feel the music even before it begins.
Music has traveled through my body ever since I can remember.
When I hear music I want it and I want more.
Dancing to music.
Dancing to music is an experience that only can be described by those who have been there with me.
And not just those who have ripped up the dance floor with me, but with me in spirit on other dance floors, when the music is pumping, the people are jumping, the souls are shaking and words don't ever need to be spoken.
Eye contact is made, smiles exchanged, wonder is raised, time lapses, and the body just moves and moves and moves and it doesn't have to stop until you decide for it stop.
You see someone on the dance floor that you never have spoken with before and your body is dancing and their body is moving and you exchange smiles and you know that you are one, one with the each other, one with the music that can make you shake, forget, believe again, smile, believe again, believe that life can be so alive and full and free.
And again you look to that person on the left and then on the right and smile a smile so deep that the dance floor can almost explode with love.
Keep it going, keep turning those records, please don't stop, don't stop, cause this is where we connect on this whole other level that one can not even begin to know unless you've been there and back and back and been there and back again.
And I don't ever want the music in me to stop.
I want the music to flow and flow and I want to dance when I want to dance and I want the world to dance right along with me cause it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, if you're black or white, if you're gay or straight, from the suburbs or the city, from the south or the west, we all can feel music and music can feel us and we can be one and we can be one.
So get me on the dance floor and leave me for hours and I will return to you a re-energized, fully explosive, powerful, flying high woman.
I want to dance with you, ya you, I want to feel the way you feel on the dance floor.
I want to feel how this energy fills you and floods into me.
I want to make eye contact with you and know and know and know that this is it, that this is what it is all about and no, you don't need to say one word, because I know, I know, words don't need to be exchanged, it's all in the dance.
Let me loose on that floor and I will remember why I am alive.
Let me loose with all of you to become one together with each other and the music.
Oh ya, the music, the music that can shake my soul and rattle my heart and believe and believe again and again that we are one with each other.
We are together in this journey, that we can do the impossible and come out alive without a visible scratch.
So turn up that music and throw us all together and let us dance and let the energy fly in and out of all of our souls and then have it return and slip into other souls and feel it and feel it and feel that energy that words can never explain, but the smile, the smile, oh that beautiful smile of yours it reaches down to your soul and I know cause I know that smile, that dance smile and the laughter, the laughter that can be so damn contagious.
Turn that music up louder, no don't touch that dial cause I want to feel, and feel and feel.
And dance, and be and ya, just be with the music and you.
Words don't need to be spoken, it's all in the moves, it's all in the wave of energy that is created when you hit the dance floor and the music never stops.
Feel the music, whether it's playing or not.
And see you next time on the dance floor, yours or mine.

added with permission of the author
August 1, 2001