Written in 1994 after I was very depressend after a very bad oral presentation: if I fell today. The allusions of "if I feel free now" is about the moments where I am free to speak fluently.

I fell down today,but I'll stand up tomorrow
because deep in my heart I can feel,
I feel that my love is only waiting
to shine through when the clouds are gone.
These clouds now heavy and low
pour rain and wash my soul.

You're crying today, but you'll be laughing tomorrow
because deep in your eyes I can see,
I see there light shining back on me
through your salty tears crystal clear.
Your tears that made me so helpless,
now lead me to feelings unknown.

I don't hear you today, but I'll be all ears tomorrow
because deep in myself I can hear,
I can hear the sound of the silence,
giving space to my mind and my ears.
My ears will be open for me,
and then they will open for you.

Today you are with me, but tomorrow you are leaving
and then I'll miss you my friend,
but the jewel of our friendship
will warmly glow in my heart.
My heart so open to you,
will find other open hearts.

I'm feeling free now, but this might change next moment,
and this change I'll also accept.
I'll accept it but I also believe,
that there's something which does not change:
My love will be shining forever
added August 6, 1997