Place Names Associated with "Stuttering"

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Stotterheim (Stutterheim), Germany

On a trip to Germany in 2000, we drove near a town called "Stotterheim" and discovered it is mentioned in the history of Martin Luther. Stutterheim family - The Stutterheims are an old German family. Frederik Johan Stutterheim, (born 1702 or 1705) is the ancestor of the Dutch family. The town may have been established by a family of that name.

Retired Lutheran pastor, Nelson R. Sulouff, sent the following anecdote about driving past this town in Germany.

Stutterheim, Eastern Cape of South Africa

Stutterheim, Eastern Cape of South Africa was settled by German immigrants (Vanessa M (personal correspondence, December 17, 2003).

"The town was originally named for Baron Richard Carl Gustav Ludwig Wilhelm Julius von Stutterheim, who became a Major-General in the British Army as the head of the British German Legion and spent eight months in South Africa before returning to Germany." Stutterheim has "a population of 46,730 in South Africa, situated in the Border region of the Eastern Cape province." (

Stutter Cemetery, New York

The Stutter Cemetery is one mile east of Central Ave., on the south side of Pleasant View Drive in Lancaster, Erie County, New York. It was an established cemetery from 1840-1901 and is the final resting place for several people, including at least two "Stutters" - George Stutter, born 17 June 1843 and Henry, son of George and Elizabeth Stutter, born 21 Nov 1861 ? died Mar 1865


There is a street in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK called 'Stammergate'. I have no idea where it came from but 'gate' is often found as the end of street names normally in old walled cities like York. Claire Tupling, December 14, 2000

Mateos Gago, Sevilla, Spain

The street of Mateos Gago in Sevilla, Spain. The name means "Mateo the Stutterer." Courtesy Aquiles Iglesias.

Stutter Spring

Paul Young while searching the U.S. Geological Survey on-line database of place names in the US discovered that Stutter Spring is a spring in Gila County, Arizona, near Chrome Butte.

Stutter Shoal

Stutter Shoal, United Arab Emirates: Geocode - Latitude: 24.241944 / Longitude: 52.432778.

A shoal is a shallow place in a body of water (typically composed of sand and sometimes called a "sandbar"). They can appear in the sea, in a lake or in a river and develop where currents promote deposits of material (sand, silt, gravel, or even boulders). A shoal can be a hazard to navigation. (Information from

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