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Electronic Fluency Aids

Electronic fluency aids may be suitable for some people who stutter. They may come with a "trial period" and a money-back arrangement. Those interested should carefully investigate the terms of sale. Purchasing via a credit card may protect your investment. For some, these devices may be a solution. The following information does not signify Speak Easy's official endorsement of any device:

Pacemaster (electronic metronome) - resembles a behind-the-ear hearing aid. The pacing and rhythmic effect of the metronome slows the client's speech, allows him to speak to the rhythmic beat, and leads to increased fluency. ($550 USD) Contact:
Associated Hearing Instruments Inc.
6796 Market Street
Upper Darby, PA
USA 19082
Phone: 215:352-0600

Fluency Master - provides aural enhancement of the vocal tone. A miniature microphone amplifies the "buss" of phonation and returns it to an earpiece that resembles a behind-the-ear hearing aid. ($1500 USD) Contact:
Beaumont Stuttering Center
3601 West Thirteen Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI
USA 48073-6769
Phone: 810-551-2100

Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) - devices delay the user's voice to his headphones, shifts the pitch of the voice, masks the sound of the voice, etc. depending on the options selected. Catalogue available. ($350+ USD) Contact:
Casa Futura Technologies PO Box 7551
Boulder, CO
USA 80306-7551
Phone: 303-417-9752

Edinburgh Masker - provides a low buzzing to both ears that prevents the wearer from hearing his own voice when speaking, thus promoting fluency. Now being produced by a new manufacturer. (Price unknown) Contact:
Jedcom (UK) Ltd.
5 West Street
Tavistock, Devon PL 19 8AD
Phone 01822 617611
Fax: 01822 617619

added August 8, 1998